I am a great fan of pulp writer Robert E. Howard. I want to use this blog as a means to become a better writer -- but please don't hold me to that.

Fandoms include (but are not limited to): Ben Whishaw, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Doctor Who and 00Q (Skyfall). Expect to see a LOT of that stuff here.

I'm originally from Rhode Island, but now live in Florida and I'm only a grown-up when I have to be.


Smut Gif Hunt - M/M licking over underwear



None of these gifs belong to us, we simply compiled the search results. If any of those gifs belong to you and you’d like credit and/or removal, please message us. [Gif total: 8]

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A very special episode of Rehfan will die when she sees this. I am ded that’s how I know.

I… I just… **sob!**

It’s too… beautiful… *whimpers*



deciulla asked
Thanks for the BW kissing GIF's. I think it's easier for him to take his clothes off on camera than to kiss. Cute & very Ben.

That is a very true observation.

But then, he may have never liked wearing clothes. Can you imagine him as a tiny little kid just running around the house pretending to be Superman - nothing but a towel tied around his neck?!



Kissy Whishy… sigh

he looks like such a good and sweet kisser

Oh, his winsome little face. Look, look!—at how he smiles into the beginning of each of these. That’s not his character, that’s Ben.

Which means the last thing you’d see before he actually makes contact is his eyes fluttering closed as a sweet smile tucks itself into the corner of his mouth. Gorgeous.

I want to kiss beaubete’s brain.

Anonymous asked
I just masturbated to a johnlock fanfic of yours

Golly. Um. Thanks? Glad I could please you, Nonnie!